OROFLEX 30 OIL hose is for the movement of compatible fluids, including fuels, oil and sea water. The hose is polyurethane, extruded through the high tenacity polyester circular weave. The hose features four electrical wires affixed permanently to the outer jacket.  This construction is designed to prevent corrosion and scaling, resulting in high resistance to abrasion and cutting. As a result, the hose is easy to install, transport and store. Virtually maintenance free, OROFLEX 30 OIL has a much lower friction loss than stainless steel, yielding a very fast return on investment.

Available in lengths from 50’ to 660’, longer lengths may be available upon special request. Working pressure is 450 p.s.i. and wall thickness is 0.13 inches.

Nominal Weight Pull Strength Bend Radius
inches lbs/ft lbs. feet
4 0.74 5,576 5,249
4 1/2 0.90 7,700 5,249
5 1.05 8,580 5,576
6 1.19 10,120 5,905