Unlike rigid tubing, OROFLEX WELL– a flexible piping system made of polyurethane with a circular polyester textile reinforcement–is much easier to handle, deploy and retrieve, significantly reducing the time and cost involved in the installation of submersible pumps. Its benefits include low maintenance, a long service life, and a high resistance to corrosion and scaling. It will significantly reduce energy costs due to low friction loss and more efficient pump operation. OROFLEX WELL is available in continuous lengths ranging from 660′ to 1600′ to 3200′, with burst pressures ranging from 350 – 850 psi, depending on diameter.  The hose can be coupled with Rylmatic, expansion ring, conical or flange couplings.

Designed for groundwater extraction, OROFLEX WELL is available in five models:

With over 10,000 well installations around the world, OROFLEX WELL is a proven alternative to rigid pipes. Designed for both high-flow and low-flow pumps, OROFLEX WELL meets NSF61 requirements for potable water. Contact Armored Textiles for additional technical information specific to your requirements.