ATI’s JAFLITE is a synthetic, double-jacket fire hose that is available in white, blue, yellow, green, red, and orange.  JAFLITE’s polyurethane lining reduces weight and size, enabling more hose to be packed in the bed.  The outside jacket is impregnated with a high-tech polymer, offering excellent resistance to moisture and abrasion.  JAFLITE is available in lengths of 50 and 100 feet and can be coupled with NST, NPSH or other, special order couplings.  Shorter lengths are available by special order. JAFLITE is sourced from outside of the United States.

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Nominal Weight of 100ft. Coil Diameters Service Pressure Acceptance Pressure Burst Pressure Coupling Bowl Sizes
inches lbs. inches psi psi psi inches
1 3/4 19 15.5″/50′ 400 800 1200 2 1/8
2 1/2 27 17″/50′ 400 800 1200 3